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Full Container Loads (FCL)

The term is used in the international shipping industry for export and import seafreight cargo.

It describes an international freight service wherin an importer or exporter has exclusive use of a dedicated sea freight container(20 ft or 40 ft) which is sealed and loaded at origin and then shipped through or by a combination of sea,rail and /or road to their final destination/s.

Over Dimension Cargo (ODC) / Out of Guage (OOG)

Cargo that is too big for a standard container is referred to as Over Dimension Cargo or Out of Guage Cargo.Searoute has sucessfully worked with clients to ensure that this valuable cargo is always delivered with utmost efficiency.

Special Equipment (Open Tops/Hard Tops/Flat Beds/Reefers)

Our liner shipping background combined with relationships built with shipping lines have helped in being able to offer options to our client's for their special equipment needs.

Our knowledge of Reefers only adds an impetus to giving our Frozen Seafood and Foodstuff customers a headstart in their shipments.

DDP/DAP Shipments

Searoute Logistics has been handling DDP/DAP shipments for over 10 years and has developed reliable systems in place to handle such requirements.

We have worked successfully with our partners in ensuring that these shipments under DAP/DDP have been to our clients satisfaction.

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