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EDI for Administration, Commerce and Transport
The ISO application level syntax rules for the structuring of user data and of the associated service data in the interchange of messages in an open environment.
Electronic Data Interchange Abbreviation: EDI
The transfer of structured data, by agreed standards from applications on the computer of one party to the applications on the computer of another party by electronic means.
Electronic Data Processing Abbreviation: EDP
The computerised handling of information (e.g. business data).

  1. A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports
  2. The refusal by a carrier, for a limited period, to accept for transport over any route or segment thereof,and to or from any area or point, of a connecting carrier, any commodity, type of class of cargo duly tendered (air cargo)
Emergency Medical Service Abbreviation: EMS
Medical procedures in case of emergencies on board of vessels.

Endorsement The transfer of the right to obtain delivery of the goods of the carrier by means of the consignee's signature on the reverse side of a bill of lading. If the name of the new consignee (transferee) is not stated, the endorsement is an open one which means that every holder of the document is entitled to obtain delivery of the goods.
Equipment Interchange Receipt Abbreviation: EIR
Physical inspection and transfer receipt.

Estimated Time of Arrival Abbreviation: ETA
The expected date and time of arrival in a certain (air)port.

Estimated Time of Departure Abbreviation: ETD
The expected date and time when a certain (air)port is left.

Ex Works (...named place) Abbreviation: EXW
The process of carrying or sending goods to another country or countries, especially for purposes of use or sale in the country of destination. The sale of products to clients abroad.

Export Licence Document granting permission to export as detailed within a specified time.
Exporter The party responsible for the export of goods.
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